How To Complain

If you wish to raise a complaint about the way the trustees have acted, you can do so by emailing the trustees We have complied an evidence-based case that we have forwarded to the Charity Commission alleging that –

  • the charity is not doing what it claims to (ie it is getting rid of its flagship educational facility and an important attraction, the farm);
  • it is harming people (namely Gill, Simon, Jasmine and all those affected);
  • it is endangering the financial position of the charity, by forcing the farm business to move, by firing key workers, by prompting the resignation of other workers, by prejudicing the attractiveness of the venue to much of its clientele, and by disrupting the functioning of the community that has successfully and profitably managed the charity for the last 15 years ;
  • and it is conducting disciplinary hearings of questionable lawfulness.

If you wish to support our complaint to the Charity Commission please email –