For anyone interested here are the main documents leading up to the order for Simon, Gill’s and Jasmine’s banishment.

(1) Original complaint made by Stephen Williams

(2) “Whistleblowing”Investigation by Kelly Marsden into these complaints, delivered before Simon and Gill were told what the complaints were or who had made them

(3) The brand new Disciplinary Procedure drawn up for the occasion by the trustees

(4) Simon Fairlie’s Proof of Evidence to the Tribunal

(5) Appendix 1 to Proof of Evidence: Jared Hill’s commentary on Kelly Marsden’s report

(6) Appendix 2 Testimonials in support of Simon and Gill

(7) Outcome to disciplinary procedure

(8) Letter telling Jasmine she is fired

(9) A letter drafted by our lawyer, attesting that there was no legal justification for conducting a “Whistleblowing” investigation

(10) Simon’s investigation into Kelly Marsden’s HR Report

(11) Jurist’s Opinion of the Situation

(12) Jurist’s Follow-Up Letter to The Trustees